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Healing the Wounded Hearts

Healing the wounded hearts is a project which aims to travel to differen cities and countries.

The most important thing in this life is to have an open heart, so we live a life where we are able not only to give and share love but also be open to receive Love.

A trauma in our heart can be a loss you experienced once,  or someone who deeply hurt your feelings, traumatic experiences from childhood or even from other lives. A trauma in the heart can be expressed in many ways, such as a difficulty in communication,  lack of grounding,  a heart close to trust and love e.t.c. Our energy system is like comminicating vessels, so if we have a traumatic experience it leaves an imprint all over. Every chakra connects with the other, so blockages in the chakras can be expressed in diffeent levels in daily life.

This project is individual healing sessions, which aims to heal deep traumas in the heart.
Every session includes a special therapy for the heart chakra with the energy of Light –Salts, which consists of two parts:

1st part of the treatment, we work energetically with Light-Salts that penetrate the energy body and detect the  trauma that has to be healed now, in the heart chakra.

2nd  part of the therapy which is very a very particular method again with the help of the Light –Salts and the Christ Light, we work intensively to leave our resistances regarding  our therapy, and our resistance to free ourselves from this trauma and let go.

3rd part of the therapy is the “salvation massage”,  a very unique massage which removes traumas from the physical body that are related with memories from our past that they have left their imprint in our physical body.
The produtes we use is  organic olive oil with energized Himalayan salt.
At the end of the whole treatment, we see if there is need for something additional in order to seal the healing. Maybe is needed to write or draw something, a small fire ritual, or nothing at all. It depends on the person.