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Salt - Healing
Salt Healing a is complete healing method which works with the energy of the salts and also with energized salts.
It provides a very deep treatment in all levels as it works in harmony with your
soul. It is one of the most effective healing methods of our time.  It corresponds effectively and very fast with the chakra system and the subtle bodies, as well as the physical body.
The specilaity of Light - Salts is that they are able to connect very quickly one person with his/her  source of light.This creates a feeling of instant peace.  It is a powerful tool of healing and transformation, and as system is adequate to lead a person to a diffrent state in his/her life. 
  • Relaxation
  • Reducing Depression
  • Clearing Emotions 
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • increase of joy and happiness
  • Aura Cleansing 
  • Protection of negative energies
  • Dissolving experiences from the past
  • Problems in partnership and family
  • Healing of traumatic experiences
  • Releasing  pain of the body
  • Balancing the energies of the chakras
  • Consulting on your issues and more​ 

Lotus Healing
Lotus Healing works with the light energy of Lotus, from the Buddhist states.
Lotus energy is very gentle and elegant yet very strong. Beyond the physical level and the chakra system, we can use them to achieve different things, not only healing and trasformation, but also awareness and knowledge.  

Reducing Depression
Clearing Emotions 
Strengthen the immune system
Protection of negative energies
Dissolving experiences from the past
Healing of traumatic experiences
Releasing the pain of the body
Balancing the energies of the chakras


There is a particular method especially for gynecological problems.

Energy Massage
Energy Massage is a special type of mollification. 
It is all about intuitive movement
The therapist is connected with the source of the energy the person needs  and while she is working with the physical body parallel she pours light into it.
This is a very deep healing for the physical body and interacts effectively with the other bodies, emotional and mental.

Salvation Massage
It is a therapeutic energy massage from the Healing School of Light -Salts.

The application is with pure olive oil, energized himalayas salt.
This massage is salvation for the physical body as it removes the imprints from wounds that painful experiences left in us, deep back in time or recently.
Each cell in the body is renewed in the light of the salts, to lighteness.

Massage Angelic Light
The angelic light contains everything is needed by the human body, all the minerals.

It has a very clean energy and leaves the feeling of emptiness and lightness. The body with mollification it also receives unconditional love, and this healing touch brings peace and inner silence. It is like a inner garden blooms inside the body.

Massage with the energy of Golden Lotus
The energy of golden Lotus brings  the golden light of transformation.

When used in massage,  it goes deeply into us and helps to come to the surface what we are ready to release emotionally and mentally. It helps the natural flow of energy within the physical body and facilitate the smooth functioning of the vital organs. It leaves a velvety and deep feeling,  every cell of the body is activated and renewed.