Alinea Smaragda
Healer, artist, writer
Gr /​​

My deepest inner thoughts were always how to create a life with endless possibilities and freedom.
We grow up in societies where they taugh us what is feasible and what is appropriate and while the years pass by, we forget what is real, and authentic.

What we said we wanted to do ?
We all have a voice but it is really our voice or we are little parrots?

When i was a child i remeber I had a voice was totally mine , crystal clear and loud.
It was not speaking thinking of flattering, profit and the satisfaction of others.
My little voice was immature,  rough but unblushing and pure.
Nobody could shut it down, except of me .  

As the years passed by my inner voice somehow silenced, for reasons that i later understood that served well my personal path and my transformation.  And then came one day that I felt  that something went wrong that I've  missed something and this realization was  a huge turning point in my life. 

Because what is ours will always come back to us one way or the other.
And that day i took the road back to what was always mine and there for me.

My personal path until now was somehow a story of the found and lost, because this is what I believe we are until we embrace all of us. I had tremendous sunsets and glory moments, but also grey days and hard times. 
But you know something, I would choose the same again and again, because this made me who I AM.  
I deeply believe that we have choosen before what we experience in this life.
We write the manuscript of our lives, we are creators and actors at the same time.
This was the path  i chose to claim my voice back, to own my power,  to ground my roots, to remember.  
It took me years of reseach and personal healing, and i thought to give up many times.
But who i was going to give up was ME.  My heart was leading the ride.
I've walked different paths with an inner unbreakable trust and devotion to the Divine,
that I'll find myself HOME at the end.

I  am Home.

And I am here with the visions of my soul and loads of my awakening love.
I believe in new leadership where we can all be creators of our lives.
Where women and men are blossomings flowers in the same garden.
Where spirituality is not detached and seperated from sexuality.
Where earth is a sacred ground we honor with every step we take.
I believe that there is always  a common ground we can meet each other,
share love and live love  in every day life.

Never give up on yourself.

True to myself, my female voice, and the calling of my soul.
I wish to be a light, help you find yours
I wish to be an inspiration
I wish to be  your spiritual caregiver

Lets share Love and Light.